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Cancer Yearly Horoscope Prediction

"They call me emotional and sensitive. Being Intuitive and sentimental are my traits. As a Cancer, I’m a real caretaker. Friends and family are life to me! I am sympathetic, I will keep you close to me. Here I am, extremely loyal, highly imaginative and persuasive."

2019 for Cancer

Love is in the air all this year. Romance is one major aspect of relationships that you are going to experience in 2018. Your shyness should be shredded off if you really want to make some progress building up foundations for any relationship. You would strive hard for your loved ones, may it be your family or friends, you care about their happiness. This year gives you plenty of ME time for yourself as well. Listen to your inner voice to know what you really want. Pamper yourself with a spa treatment or spoil yourself with shopping. Learning the art of saying "no" with a smile is something you need to learn this year. Few relationship issues might take a toll when you do not respond as per the sweetie's expectations. People who love you shall always understand and stay beside you. Take time to explore your new friendships and companionships with patience and love. Some serious commitment can be seen with respect to business or marriage. Evaluate your business partner or investor before you make them stakeholders in your business.

You kick-start new year with full enthusiasm, love, playful mood which helps you grow and expand your horizons. Express your feelings to your loved one with your gestures or through actions. Bring flowers to your sweetie or gifts for elders makes them have the cutest smile. Explore unique ways of expressing how do you feel for them, write a poem or send them a special gift. Your relationship has deep spiritual connect now, stay alert you may come across your soulmate too and you both would get attracted to each other when your eyes meet. Studies in different domains of science and spirituality take your focus. You are simple, humble and more compassionate towards people around you. Attend a religious function or follow a spiritual path or go through books of astrology; this gets your knowledge to a new level. If you are an artist get your creative juices flowing and create an abstract view, this will get popular and people would admire your work and appreciate your talents.

New connections are made when you travel for business or attend any meetups. The connections made now are likely to be with you for the lifetime. Go out on a trek with groups or attend business conferences to know more people. You know the art of creative speaking, the audience you speak before would be overwhelmed and you gain tremendous response. Your increased popularity and fame expands your followers. As you enjoy your work new incubating ideas take most of your attention. You are more successful in a profession that

serves others. You are most honest and have integrity in everything you do. Working on minute details of any work you take up makes you a perfectionist. Finding a new job or promotion is likely with your skills and contacts. Your team size increases with new members joining in and reduce your workload. A healthy life is what you are going to experience this year. You are aware of your health status and take an effort to maintain it. Even though you face minor health issues; your overall lifestyle is improved. For most of the year, you would be busy enhancing your skills, buildings positive relationships and appreciating your work.


June 6 - July 22



Sensitive (but often “crabby“), imaginatively creative and artistically gifted (but often obsessed with the minutiae of home and the past), Cancerians are among the most challenging of the zodiac children to get to know. Like the crab that symbolizes their sign, they often present a hard, crusty, even impenetrable exterior to the world, and can appear Withdrawn, cool, and reserved. Beneath the shell, however, lies an emotional and sensitive soul with great reserves of compassion and intuition. Like the crab, Cancerians are also tenacious and protective of their home turf and make for fiercely protective and loyal parents and friends.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Tenacious, Loyal, Emotional, Sympathetic


Pessimistic, Suspicious, Manipulative

Favorable Colors


Favorable Numbers

2  3  15  20  

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