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Gemini Yearly Horoscope Prediction

"My energy circulates in so many ways. As a Gemini, I am highly communicative and the thirst to explore is my inner trait. You can call me restless! I have an impressive way with words, love to be social and be around fun. Fascinated by the world, I am here to experience things."

2019 for Gemini

Most of the year is focussed on higher education. Everything goes smooth, may it be health, daily chores, work or love. You would learn efficiency and also duties towards yourself and others. Do not hesitate to ask for help when required, it helps you to get more insights and different views. Let go of your shyness and with confidence accept the change within you. There are no right or wrong answers to any questions you have now, explore the world of the untouched domain. Does few stress moments get on your nerves? Hit the gym or let it go on a yoga mat, you'll feel more confident and happy. Any artistic skills can be explored as you tend to move out of your comfort zone and paint your dreams in your own way. You'll have big names in your business partnerships so get pumped up for a long way of success now.

Start of the year brings you a sense of inner balance with a loving and supportive family life. It is your family that helps you perceive your dreams while it takes most of your responsibilities. Whether it is your food, or leaving kids to school or getting a grocery - all these small things are taken care so that you stay focus on your work. Seek a balance in your personal and professional life and spend some time with your lovely granny or kids, they bring joy and happiness to your life. Stay aligned with your goals for this year; all your efforts shall be followed with rewards and accolades. You tend to be the best at helping others with their work. Helping a colleague meeting his deadlines or consultant in a company is the best option for you now. Professions like medicine or healing work well now.

You are more sensitive and vulnerable during mid-year, trust yourself and no one else is the mantra for you. Believe in your instincts, if you don't feel something is right in your relationship or at work, try to find out the real cause for it. Talk to your partner if you both have any issues or misunderstandings amongst you. This is the best time where you take initiative to vent out your emotions to your partner and make your bond more strong. Instead of reworking on past unpleasant relationship issues, leave all the mess behind and take a step towards bright future together! Searching for a marriage prospect for a long time, do not worry as things might work well now. Socialize more, meet new people and you could come across that special one. Knowing the person before you get into any serious commitment is wise.

A fresh start in a committed relationship comes all the way as you head the end of the year. This may continue for next year as well. If you are in a new relationship, it would definitely be a successful and happy one as you understand each other well and agree to any decisions mutually. Your negotiations skills are doing great, any legal cases that are pending or any business deals to be signed; this is the right opportunity and time to crack them. Marketing guys have got the Midas touch now. Anything you do now has a successful outcome. Utilize this period to have big banner names to your business list. Your increasing popularity in the market gets you more business. Along with a good negotiator you are also great with counselling, you can read other's mind which helps you prepare for anyone's reaction. You might feel a little set back if your partner demands freedom. It's a year of learning and growth, and to explore the limits of spiritual horizons.


May 21 - June 20



Geminians are lively, restless, quick-witted, last thinking, mercurial creatures who rarely stay in one place — physically or philosophically — for long, They are marvellous communicators and easily sway people to their own ideas and opinions. Geminians detest boredom — indeed, they run from it — and often preler spreading their considerable emotional and intellectual energies among a variety of tasks (and peoplel). This ability to do several things at once is typical of the Geminians dual nature‘ aptly represented by the Twins. Poorly channelled. however, the Geminians inability to settle down with one thing or one person can lead to the appearance of shallowness and a tendency to gloss over the important details of life.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Gentle, Affectionate, Curious, Adaptable


Nervous, Inconsistent, Indecisive

Favorable Colors

Light green  Yellow  

Favorable Numbers

5  7  14  23  

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