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Leo Yearly Horoscope Prediction

"Just like the Lion, I am regal in the true sense. Call me Leo, the kindest of all. I am energetic, enthusiastic and outgoing. Ruled by the Sun, I hold the trait of a leader. Here I am, ambitious by nature, straightforward and charismatic, I am everything that a lion is known for."

2019 for Leo

You are totally family oriented this year. You'll make sure to spend most of your time with your dearest people. Expanding your family is a likely this year, a baby or a new pet joining you as life partner brings love, luck and happiness. You can expect all good surprises for your family this year. Moving into a new bigger home or shifting to another location for work is on cards for you. Think of all good things that can happen in your family, a birth, marriage, functions, religious ceremony, engagement, social gatherings make you smile all the time. You would have a strong feeling of connecting to the roots, this shall make you emotionally more secure. Relationships blossom this year in every form they can and you'll be busy appreciating them and making them more strong. Be careful with your words in the later part of the year; you might hurt someone close even though you have not intended to do it. "Think before you speak" mantra works for you.

People who are closer to your heart see a new confidence in you about your family and lifestyle. Your emotional connection with your dear ones benefits you now. If you are feeling drained off or emotional down, get in touch with your bestie or your sister. You'll feel more pumped up and breath fresh air once you open your heart to your beloved. Your family members are supportive and loving. Any social gathering or party that you want to arrange? Why thinking too much? Just go for it! Enjoy your good family time together. Your career graph reaching the sky, take every step you can to improve your professional life. If you are seeking a dream job this the best time to go for it.

Real estate business is more likely to expand this year, the growth would be slow but steady. Continue your hard work and determination to bring growth and joy you deserve, do not lose hope with small failures. Your sense of security increase with your high confidence and maturity. All investments done in this year yield positive profitable outcomes. Take up all the opportunities to make money with your skills and knowledge in any financial deals. Putting money in the stock market might need more knowledge and idea of the current market situations. Long distance travel for higher studies broadens your outlook towards life. This positive attitude helps you to enrich your relationships now.

There might be some uneasiness going in your head during mid-July. Some sort of confusion in your thoughts, communications. Things you might want to convey are not clear enough creating more misunderstandings in your relationships, try not to overreact to any situations or start unnecessary arguments. Even though all these confusions that occur, your strong bond with your family balances out well. Take a break from your busy daily life and unwind. This much-needed break might give you some creative ideas that can boost your performance. Be sure to run through all the emails that you are supposed to send to clients or business partners.

Good times are back!! as you descend to the end of the year, enjoy life to its fullest, express yourself fearlessly. The rewards of your patience and perseverance are on its way to you. Your romantic world expands and grows with all the new experiences throughout the year. You are more confident now and take some calculative risks for your business growth. While you gain monetarily, be mindful when you spend it. Buying any luxurious furniture for your home can wait for sometime. Try to maintain a balance in your daily schedule of work, health and


July 23 - August 22



As majestic and impressive as the Lion that represents their sign, Leos are the natural leaders of the zodiac. Radiantly enthusiastic, magnanimous with their charm and gifts, and fiercely proud and confitlent_ Leoslove and live life to the fullest and expect, indeed need In be at the helm at home, Work, and play. Wonderfully affectionate, dramatic, and creative — there are many Leos among the actors of the world — Leos hate srnall~ mindedness and nit-picking. But they themselves arc occasionally stubborn, autocratic, and dogmatic.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Creative, Passionate, Generous, Humorous


Arrogant, Stubborn, Lazy, Inflexible

Favorable Colors

Gold  Yellow  Orange  

Favorable Numbers

1  3  10  19  

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