Libra Daily Horoscope Prediction

"I Libra, specialize in balancing of relationship. Charming, harmonious and polished are my traits. The only peacemaker you’ll know. Here I am, socially inclined and hold a strong sense of justice. I govern partnerships, relations and close associations. "

  • 15 December 2018 for Libra


    This is a very important time in that you can throw off negative thought patterns, especially those involving guilt or regret – you are far more future orientated and less prone to looking back and thinking ‘what if’.


    It is all about independence and expansion emotionally, and you are determined not to be held back by people, rules and convention.

    personal life

    You may want to test your partner to see how far you can go regarding pushing their buttons – this is not, however, done in a malicious or spiteful way, it is in more of a teasing or competitive way.


    You can grab much attention via your approach, and many may rally behind you; it is a great time to stir others up and to be more proactive collectively.


    Travel to a place that means something to you in terms of a good memory is favored.


    There is luck when it comes to catering and the restaurant trade.

  • 16 December 2018 for Libra


    Today your health is solid and reliable and you will able to do whatever you need physically and mentally – not a day for massive risks, steady does the trick perfectly.


    Your partner is more emotional than you and your levels of compassion are tested.

    personal life

    Relationships with men are solid and also very supportive; you can draw extra strength and also count on your man to be there to advise and have your back.


    Today should be used for strengthening and reinforcing any skill or relationship which you are thinking of using in the near future – prepare well and anticipate who and what you will need to call on.


    Travel to an exotic location is favoured, especially if you travel alone.


    Libra have luck in the area of higher education and adult learning.

  • 17 December 2018 for Libra


    Watch out for sudden seasonal bugs; they will not last long but can lay you low for half a day or so. Wash hands all the time and get more sleep.


    Libra may be reading on psychological issues and this research can help the penny to drop about something which has been bothering you.

    personal life

    Guests or friends who come to stay can be quite disruptive and so make sure they know where the door is as they may overstay their welcome putting pressure on you and your partner.


    It is harder for you to work with others in a harmonious way as their little quirks and inconsistencies will annoy you making disputes with co-workers possible.


    Travel for pleasure in a steam train, vintage car or even a penny farthing is favoured.


    There is luck if defeating enemies and riding.


September 23 - October 10



Outgoing, warm-hearted, and very sociable, Librans like the Scales that represent the sign, are frequently concerned with achieving balance, harmony, peace, and justice in the people and in the world around themi And they are well-equipped to do that with their enormous reserves of charm, cleverness, frankness, persuasion, and easy communication. They tend at times to be too facile and laid-back and have earned an undeserved reputation for laziness. In fact, they can be hard workers and are often leaders in their fields. They are especially good at any “peace-keeping” types of jobs, because they have the remarkable gift of easily seeing (and reconciling) both sides of an issue.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Cooperative, Diplomatic, Gracious, Fair-Minded


Indecisive, Avoids Confrontations, Self-pity

Favorable Colors

Pink   Green  

Favorable Numbers

4  6  13  15  24  

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