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Pisces Monthly Horoscope Prediction

"I absorb the sadness all around. I am all about empathy! I hold the power to feel the pain of others. My sensitivity enables to pursue emotions and needs of people. Here I am, using my energy to be productive and helpful."

May 2019 for Pisces

Nothing stops you! Driven by your instincts, you wish to go ahead and do whatever your heart tells you to. Neither people and nor conditions can dictate what to do. Career is at the forefront by all means. You wish to do the best in whatever you take on hand and achieve your very best in the same. If you and your partner have ever dreamt of working like business partners, this is the perfect month to put it into action. If you both join your forces together, you can pretty much achieve the targets you have set and work harder. Never underestimate the power of networking. This month you must meet and mingle with people who give you positive insights and help you develop, personally and professionally. Healthy social interactions help you go beyond the financially plateau if your business has reached one. Social status enhances and you carry yourself more confidently when you attend functions and socialize. At workplace your position might upgrade. All the career and financial prosperity is certainly going to bag you the respect and admiration of people around you. Once the crowd dismisses and you get home, you would be returning to that lovely person who grows you and supports you. Support, romance and harmony shall prevail in your love life and you would be living a dream. Watch what you eat and do not invest a lot of your energy and exhaust yourself.


February 19 - March 20



Sensitive, sensual, emotional, and richly imaginative and creative, Pisceans are the other-worldly dreamers and poets of the zodiac. Deeply affected by the dual nature of their sign — symbolized by the two fishes swimming in opposite directions - Pisceans are often torn between wanting to do something real and valuable in the world (they are often drawn to humanitarian causes and artistic careers) and retreating from the world altogether to the safer harbours of their private worlds of imagination and dreams. This is an enormous pull for Pisceans, and because of its power, they are often prone to extreme nervous tension and even escapism (sometimes into alcohol and drugs), A lack of self- confidence is almost always at the root of a Piscean‘s inability to get on with the real world, but when this weakness can be overcome, they are found among the finest humanitarians and artists in the world.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Compassionate, Artistic, Intuitive, Gentle, Wise


Fearful, Overly trusting, Sad

Favorable Colors

Purple  Violet  Seagreen  

Favorable Numbers

3  9  12  15  18  24  

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